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Greek Gods Machinima Mashup:

Mythical Meets Virtual World


Two Separate Projects

Two Separate Goals 

 One Excellent Opportunity for Collaboration!


6th graders needed film clips to construct political ads for Greek gods.

8th graders needed a focus for their machinima club.


The result was an extraordinary collaboration between

8th graders exlporing  new technologies &

 6th graders developing media literacy skills. 

Together they created something truly unique... 


 Political Commercials for Greek Gods



Teacher Notes


21st Century Skills @ The Elisabeth Morrow School



Programs Used:

3D Virtual World:  Second Lfe Teen Grid

(Second Life Teen Grid Host - FireSabre Consulting)

Screen capture software:  iShowU


Adobe Photoshop Elements

iMovie 6




Marianne Malmstrom, Middle School Tech Teacher

Ronnee Lipman: 6th Grade Teacher



Special Thanks:

Sarah Rolle, Tech Coordinator

Micah Malmstrom, Tech Support














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